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SEO in Vancouver

As SEO consultants, we take care of all search engine needs providing local services that offer robust, long-term success. Most of our clients see results in an average of three months.

For SEO in Vancouver, we start with a free analysis. Through a holistic, best-practices approach that includes technical fixes, keyword-rich content and localized linking, we come up with strategies to help you reach page one—and stay there.


Analyze + Repair

We begin with a technical audit highlighting changes to meet Google’s best practices. Our in-house team looks at what’s holding you back, making the necessary adjustments and repairs. For SEO in Vancouver, we offer a long history of success through time-tested strategies that yield measurable results.


Keywords + Content

SEO only works with the right keywords. We research which search terms your clients use most and strategically implement these to create value-driven copy that drives interest and inquiries. Our SEO copywriters will then provide you with a draft of optimized, keyword-rich content for feedback.


Implement + Adjust

Once we’ve placed your content, we get to work boosting your digital reputation. Through a combination of blogs, social media, and backlinks, we work to establish you as a thought leader, gradually increasing your reputation and your rank. We use tools to track your progress, adjusting as necessary to keep you moving in the right direction.

SEO Services Include:

SEO in Vancouver​

Localized Vancouver SEO to grow your digital brand.

Every SEO strategy is unique, but our process has one thing in common—understanding. With a 15-year track record of success, our approach to SEO in Vancouver starts with analysis. We work to understand what’s holding you back before researching the competition and developing a strategy for improved visibility and growth.

Search engines like Google use dozens of criteria to determine which businesses end up on page one. Technical errors, slow loading, inferior links, outdated coding, poor keyword implementation, and bad mobile usability are just a few of the factors that can impact your standing. Through proven, content-based strategies, we build brand equity, combining robust analytics and search tools to keep you growing in the right direction. Learn more about how our approach to SEO in Vancouver works to keep your website running smoothly, enhance brand messaging, and carry your business to new heights.

Vancouver SEO tailored to your needs

For SEO in Vancouver, our services are strategic and needs based. We start with an analysis to let you know which aspects of your website work well and  what could be performing better. After that, we craft a strategy that includes technical fixes and keyword-rich content  before launching a  campaign to drive interest and traffic. 

SEO in Vancouver
Promoting your business 24/7

We opt for best practices to optimize your website. With a 15-year track record of success, we offer SEO in Vancouver to increase visibility through all-inclusive campaigns that tick off all search engine requirements, including:

  • Analysis to identify problem areas
  • Best keywords to target
  • Technical and structural website fixes 
  • Integration of compelling keyword-rich content
  •  Free high-speed hosting to improve load times
  • Ongoing website fixes and improvements
  • Comprehensive monthly reports that let you track results

By using robust analytics and search tools, we continuously introduce meaningful improvements to keep your traffic growing. As a long-term strategy, most of our clients start to see results in about three months. Learn how our approach to SEO in Vancouver can harness the unlimited potential of the Internet. For new websites, we make SEO part of web design for a competitive advantage right out the gate.

SEO Vancouver
SEO Vancouver: Phrase 1


Analyze + Implement

We perform a technical audit highlighting changes to meet Google’s best practices. Our in-house team will make necessary adjustments, including security, hosting, or anything essential to rank more competitively. For SEO in Vancouver, Jooska offers proven results.

SEO Vancouver: Phase 2


Keywords + Copywriting

After identifying what words clients use to search, we get to work crafting the keyword-rich, values-driven content that flows with your brand. Our biggest advantage is our SEO copywriters, who create genuinely engaging content that ranks higher in searches while generating more interest and enquiries.



Links, Blogs, & Social

Once all onsite content is done, we shift our focus to creating meaningful articles, social content, and backlinks to boost recognition and credibility–with search engines and people, too. We track and measure results, making adjustments as we go. Clients receive monthly reports to understand and track the results of the SEO campaign.

Full-service SEO in Vancouver

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