Business Copywriting or Bust

By usernitersnaid00 13 Oct, 2022

Looking for copywriting in Vancouver? Is this a skill you’re hoping to develop?

Here’s a sad truth for the introverted business owner: if you’re in business, you’re in sales. We’re all posting, pitching, and postulating, trying to find better ways to sell our ideas, services, techniques and products. Dan Pink of To Sell is Human estimates that we spend up to 40% of our time researching the best way to sell something. There are many roads, but all have one thing in common—copywriting.

Copywriting remains one of the most fundamental sales skills today. It doesn’t matter what you offer. Copywriting explains products and services, so prospective clients understand why they should buy in. If it’s done well, it hits the heart of your tribe—those core clients who buy not just as a service or product but as an investment that aligns with deeply felt core values.

Since 2008, our team has offered professional copywriting in Vancouver. We support businesses across the continent, crafting values-driven content that resonates with clients. It sounds impressive, right? However, truthfully copywriting is a skill that anyone can learn. Copywriting, at its core, is simply writing that contains an element of persuasion: to buy, donate, invest, or subscribe. Copywriting is all around us. And when it’s done well, people sit up and take notice.

Tips for Copywriting in Vancouver (or Anywhere)

The trick to copywriting is understanding your audience–their drives, priorities, fears, concerns, goals, and values. Most brands are developed with a core audience in mind, so any copywriting should naturally match your brand voice. If it doesn’t, ask yourself why. The purpose of copywriting is to tell stories in your unique tone of voice—to build sales and loyalty and turn customers into advocates. Sometimes, it may be necessary to work with a copywriter to fix your brand voice and create a standards manual to keep everything consistent. Like your logo, colours, and websites, copywriting is a part of your brand, arguably the hardest-working element.

Tips for Better Business Copy:

  1. Write naturally; think about the way you talk
  2. Less is more; use short words, sentences, and paragraphs
  3. Eliminate jargon 
  4. Check quotes
  5. Never publish the day you write—read and edit after giving your brain a break
  6. Ask an independent reader to do final editing

The Copywriting Formula

If copywriting could be boiled down to a basic formula, it would be A.I.D.A. (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action). Natural storytellers know how to craft a narrative around audiences that address their problems. Remember to use the word you—you want to talk to people, not at them. Finally, keep the content short and sweet (aka scannable). Everyone is busy. 

In today’s busy, consumer-driven world, one in nine people work in sales, and the rest are trying to figure out the art of marketing. We’re blogging, tik-toking, and advertising more than ever before. Whatever your objective, great copywriting has to reach your audience with smart, feel-good content. Nail that, and the art of crafting effective sales copy becomes much easier—and it’s still way better than networking events for introverts.

If you need sometimes support from a local Vancouver copywriter, reach out. We’ve formed long-term relationships with all kinds of business owners looking for the copy that sells and compels. Call 778-989-6738 to set up a meeting, and let us know how we can support your success.