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Built for instant recognition and appeal, we create compelling, meaningful brands designed to set you apart from the bunch.

Branding design isn’t just about looks, it’s how you differentiate yourself and connect with your ideal customers

As brand designers in Vancouver, we embrace collaboration. Our process revolves around asking the right questions and coming up with compelling ideas infused with life and imagination. We strive to understand your goals—the long-term vision for your business. By combining your thoughts with a bit of research, we develop differentiated ideas designed to stand out while reflecting your business authentically.

As experienced Vancouver brand designers, we work to understand strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Our process is fluid and collaborative, meant to tease out the details that allow us to create meaningful and impactful design ideas. Whatever you need—logos, web design, tradeshow design, graphics, or packaging; we leverage storytelling and visual language to create the brave brands that people love and make them feel good. 

Our branding design process
is based around understanding,
so we can deliver inspired ideas
that feel 100% authentic

Building a great brand occasionally means challenging the norms and colouring outside the lines. As experienced brand designers, we work collaboratively with you, leveraging a fun, streamlined process to deliver results that fit your business—and customers.

Branding Design Vancouver: Phase 1


Research + Strategy

We start every brand journey by listening. What looks right? What feels right? What are your competitors doing? We provide a fun survey to help focus your thoughts and create a frame that will become the backbone of your new brand.

Branding Design Vancouver: Phase 2


Drafting + Design

This is where we roll up our sleeves and get to work. Based on our discussion, we’ll develop ideas, components, and colours that tell your story visually and memorably. We harmonize every element to reinforce your image and cohesively tell your story. 

Branding Design Vancouver: Phase 3



Here’s the exciting bit. Upon approval, we finalize everything and hand over the final file formats. For clients starting on a smaller scale, we’re happy to provide ongoing support. We’re always here to create the marketing components you need to propel your business forward.

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