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Travel writing takes a bit of magic, especially for a brand as distinguished as Rocky Mountaineer. Within the world of rail travel, the Rocky Mountaineer offers a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the unparalleled beauty of the Canadian Rockies. For their first foray into the book world, the team at Rocky Mountaineer had something special in mind. Combining a book of recipes with route and destination information, they set out to create a cookbook that would pull double duty as a cherished keepsake and powerful marketing tool, and our own Nita Naidoo was the copywriter chosen for the job.

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The right ingredients for success

Since we had already completed two brochures, nearly sixty pages each, for Rocky Mountaineer, we stoked our inner travel writer and got to work. Craggy mountains and crystalline streams became the backdrop for the organic, locally harvested ingredients that culminated in culinary masterpieces that ranged from a caviar-infused breakfast benedict to a snazzy strawberry shortcake. Regional write-ups, chef bios, and tongue-tingling descriptions rounded out the cookbook. To our delight, Eat Play Love earned Canadian bestseller status within two months of publication. The Gourmand International of Paris also named it 2014 Cookbook of the Year in the Culinary Travel category. It’s been our pleasure to assist Rocky Mountaineer with copywriting for several projects.

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We were fortunate to partner as copywriters for FMS Creative, which works as creative lead for Rocky Mountaineer and several other prestigious businesses. Working with a brand like this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience full of memories and deadlines—but primarily memories.
- Nita Naidoo, Copywriter and Founder of Jooska

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