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Education. It’s fundamental to where we’re going as a society. As copywriters, we’ve collaborated with UBC to share stories about philanthropic donations and alums talents. Our objective? To attract the gifts that allow the university to thrive, propelling local and global communities forward. In 2012, we joined UBC for one of the most ambitious fundraising campaigns ever undertaken by a Canadian university. Start an Evolution invited donors and alums to connect more deeply. The goal was to raise a whopping $1.5 billion and increase alum engagement before the end of 2015.

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Happy endings…and beginnings

To promote the excellent work coming out of UBC, we created two kinds of content—from donors who wanted to support the university and from students who shared the powerful impact of awards, bursaries, and scholarships. We interviewed donors and recipients, relaying powerful personal experiences. From advancing worthy causes to triumphant breakthroughs with global impact, our Vancouver copywriters shared stories that opened hearts and wallets. The campaign was a huge success, raising $1.624 billion in three years to support essential student scholarships, transform learning spaces, and fund life-saving research. Since then, we have teamed up with the alum engagement office to create content for two pivotal fundraising newsletters: Scholarly Pursuits and Estate Planning Review.

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Working with a university like UBC is an immense privilege for anyone who respects the role of education can play in addressing today's most pressing challenges and improving the state of both local and global communities. Start an Evolution was the largest fundraiser undertaken by a Canadian University at the time. Through interviews and inspiring stories, we revealed the research and innovations coming out of UBC, helping prospective donors connect with stories and causes meaningful to them. It was a delight to learn the campaign reached its goal ahead of schedule.
- Nita Naidoo, Copywriter and Founder of Jooska

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