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We recently had the privilege of collaborating with North America’s largest organic breakfast food company. In a contractual role for Nature’s Path, we provided copywriting in Vancouver for all brand pillars: Nature’s Path, Love Crunch, Que Pasa, and EnviroKidz. Working with a catalogue of over 150 products, we created content for social media, press releases, packaging, and websites, ensuring all copy was brand-appropriate and values-driven, so it resonated with a discerning audience of organic foodies. 

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Thinking Outside the Box

Nature’s Path built its success around product innovation. As copywriters, our challenge was  designing content around delicious vegetarian/vegan options that are organically sourced and sustainably produced. Food production and security remain one of the biggest global challenges. However, Nature’s Path is taking the lead by examining how farming and diet can lead to a healthy, thriving future.  By engaging with different managers, designers, and partners, we worked to create moments of impact around how Nature’s Path is transforming food production and  fighting food insecurity through innovative giveback programs
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Nature’s Path is a team passionate about who they are and what they do. As a fiercely independent business, we designed content, driving the narrative around how this family-run breakfast food company is changing the way food is grown and produced. At Nature’s Path, sustainability is woven into the culture at every level; it’s a thought process driving every innovation and decision—from using Fairtrade ingredients to packaging and shipping. Like many of today's most notable brands, Nature’s Path engages audiences through its products and values. By providing copywriting in Vancouver, we became part of a narrative underway since 1985.
- Nita Naidoo, Copywriter and Founder of Jooska

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