Hey, Do You Need a Vancouver Copywriter? Probably.

By Nita Sheri Naidoo 22 Jun, 2023

Looking for a Vancouver copywriter to elevate your business? When advertising and marketing don’t yield results, copywriting could be the missing ingredient. Like a delicious spice, copywriting brings flavour to your business. It’s an essential tool you can use to increase interest and recognition with your target buyers—the people most likely to gravitate to your products and services.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is a fancy term for writing that sells. Like your logo and website, it’s a pillar of your brand. Whether you offer hair removal, teeth whitening, insurance, or DIY art, customers must understand the value of what you provide—on your website, social media, and other communications. Why? You’ve got competition out there, a lot of it. As a copywriter, one of my tasks is working to understand the values unique to your business and story, so it can be related in a concise way that people remember.

Copywriting and brand

As someone who loves to read and always has, copywriting is one of your most essential brand pillars. It’s an asset that brings trust and recognition to your business. People start to associate your brand with a specific voice and words. To accomplish this, copywriting must be authoritative, polished, and error-free. Today, there’s sales content everywhere we look: busses, billboards, the pages of your favourite online magazine. Competing for headspace takes talent. Copy needs to be sticky so it stays in the reader’s mind.

What can a Vancouver copywriter do for your business?

In business, selling means success. As a Vancouver copywriter and founder of Jooska, I’ve worked on billion-dollar campaigns, including UBC’s distinct Start an Evolution fundraiser, which used written content as a key approach to get people to open their hearts—and their wallets. Copywriting helps convert leads by:

  1. Making an emotional impact
  2.  Creating a brand that’s likeable and relatable
  3.  Identifying and solving pain points
  4.  Using compelling calls to action to encourage an action
  5.  Increasing leads and conversion

Copywriters can assist with a variety of tasks. As the head copywriter at Jooska, my day-to-day includes creating compelling content for a variety of marketing, including:

  • Websites & blogs
  •  Packaging
  •  Ads
  •  Social media posts
  •  Emails
  •  Posters
  •  Billboards
  •  Case studies

Even in the age of AI, copywriting remains a tool to inform, engage, impact, and persuade. From raising brand awareness to positioning a business or organization as an authority in its field, the ability to create clear, objective, concise, and compelling copy that emotionally connects is an essential and relevant skill that can benefit every business and organization–because, ultimately, people still make decisions with their hearts and heads.